Financing In Mexico

Financing In Mexico Is Now An Option. No bank in the state or Canada will give you a loan to buy a property in Mexico. So, you have to look at your options.

Owning a property in Mexico is a dream that can now be a reality. Property in Mexico is usually a second home, away from home. 

Most people who buy a property in Mexico do so by paying cash. 

Financing is available through a private lender in Mexico.  However, you must be ready to pay higher interest rates of up to 11% 

In most cases, you are only given up to 60% of the total value of the property you want. This means that you still have to come up with 40% of the total value. 

There are many lenders out there now. These have stayed active for some time now while many lenders have failed to stay in business.

With so much information to be looked into, we make it easy for you to ask all the questions before diving in.

A lending broker is a professional who acts as an intermediary between borrowers and lenders. Their role is to connect individuals or businesses seeking loans with financial institutions or lenders who are willing to provide the desired financing. Lending brokers have expertise in various loan products and can help borrowers navigate the lending process, compare different options, and find the most suitable loan terms for their specific needs. They gather the necessary financial information from borrowers, including credit history and income details, and use that information to match them with potential lenders. Lending brokers can save borrowers time and effort by streamlining the loan application process and negotiating favorable terms on their behalf.

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